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Endpoint Security

About Palo Alto Networks Traps

Palo Alto Networks Traps provides Advanced Endpoint Protection that prevents sophisticated vulnerability exploits and unknown malware-driven attacks. Traps accomplishes this through a highly scalable, lightweight agent that uses an innovative new approach for defeating attacks without requiring any prior knowledge of the threat itself. By doing so, Traps provides organizations with a powerful tool for protecting endpoints from virtually every targeted attack.

Despite a plethora of endpoint security products on the market, endpoints are still being infected at an alarming rate. Traditional endpoint protection solutions use methods that simply cannot keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape. Instead of looking to identify the millions of individual attacks themselves, or detect malicious behavior that may be undetectable, Traps focuses on the core techniques that every attacker must link together in order to execute their attack. With this approach, Traps can thwart the attack before any malicious activity can successfully run.

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